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Cheese on agenda as King to visit German eco-village

King Charles is expected to address the German parliament before visiting an eco-village near Berlin.

March 30, 2023
30 March 2023

King Charles will turn his hand to cheese-making during a visit to an eco-village near Berlin on the second day of his state visit to Germany.

“We heard that the king is a great cheese lover,” said Katja von Maltzan, who together with her husband runs the Brodowin farm located 80 kilometres northeast of the capital.

On his first trip abroad as monarch, Charles will visit the agricultural centre with Queen Consort Camilla after meeting Germany’s leaders and addressing the parliament.

Describing him as an “organic pioneer par excellence,” von Maltzan said the King would help make a unique new cheese, pouring the mixture into a mould by hand and smoothing it out.

The Brodowiner Königskäse, or King’s cheese, will be given a crown imprint before it is left to mature for up to eight weeks. 

About 150 portions of the Tilsiter-style cheese will be made for sale.

Fine-textured, spicy yet mild, the cheese even contains a dash of carrot juice: “That gives it a little sweetness and an orange colour – like British cheddar,” von Maltzan told the DPA news agency.

Charles, who is a long-standing advocate of organic farming, will also tour the outlying eco-village and learn about sustainable agriculture and the protection of wetlands.

To top the occasion, the farm’s master confectioner will present him with a life-sized crown made of white chocolate, decked with sugar icing gems and modelled on the crown he will be wear at his coronation in May.

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