Environmental groups sue FAA over SpaceX Texas rocket launch

Wildlife and environmental groups sued the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday over SpaceX's launch last month of its giant rocket from Texas.

Discovery reveals hard metallic truth at Earths centre

A seismic discovery has shaken Australia’s most basic understanding of the Earth by revealing that its centre is not a gooey mass, but a solid metallic ball.

Bird flu kills hundreds of sea lions, pelicans in Peru

Peruvian authorities say bird flu has killed pelicans and hundreds of sea lions in protected areas across the country.

Venice canals run dry, Italy faces drought alert

Normally at risk of flooding, Italy’s Venice is struggling with drought, making navigating the waterways impossible.

Security and food crises expected to dominate African Union summit

Deepening security and food crises are likely to dominate the agenda when heads of state convene in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa this weekend, Feb. 17-19, for the annual African Union (AU) summit.

Jupiter's moon count jumps to 92, most in solar system

Astronomers have discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter, taking its total to 92, and more than any other planet in the solar system.

Deforestation of Brazilian savanna surged 25% in a year

Deforestation in the world’s most biologically diverse savanna, the Brazilian Cerrado, rose by around 25% in the 12 months through July from the previous period, two people familiar with the still unreleased government data told Reuters.